The Learners' Club is a unique after-school and weekend study club providing a tutor-led individualised academic support programme balancing the ideals of classical and progressive pedagogy aimed at building a strong academic foundation, raising confidence and developing a positive attitude towards learning.

The well-run centre offers a quiet & relaxed environment complemented by a distraction-free ambience and a well-researched methodology proven to maximise students' efforts which enhances the potential of each student.

Helping the Next Generation of Learners

SLC’s pool of experienced and talented teachers, tutors and assistants are both able and love to inspire children to learn, work harder and gain confidence in their abilities.



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Strategic Learning

Strategic Learning based on Published Papers by The Association for Psychological Science, The Education Endowment Foundation & Bristol University, and MediaCorps Press.

Skills and Knowledge

Our support styles are aimed at helping children gain skills and knowledge to pass their SATs and GCSEs with confidence.

"Not having heard something is not as good as having heard it; having heard it is not as good as having seen it; having seen it is not as good as knowing it; knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice."

(From the John Knoblock translation of the Xunzi; a set of 32 books containing the works of Xun Kuang–a Chinese Confucian philosopher who lived from 312-230 BC.)

Achieve Higher!

How do SLC students achieve best possible results in their finals?

Long-term retention of knowledge is essential to providing students with a strong foundation to build on as they progress through their education and beyond. SLC students successfully achieve this by getting involved in repeated and spaced practice testing and one-to-one personalised demonstrations. Each child works to his or her own fast-tract schedule, paced to maximise their learning in the most time efficient way. As a result, they consistently achieve higher in their final tests and assessments.

Study Materials

Students are assigned materials individually based on assessment.

The SLC programme incorporates proprietary materials such as Targeted and Focused Worksheets, Individual Action Plan for Accelerated Learning and Measuring Achievements; Individual Study Tracking Sheets; Progress Records; Progress Tests; and Past Papers, as well as materials from leading publishers: CGP, Collins, Letts, Schofield and Bond, such as Revision Guides; Workbooks; and Exam Practice Workbooks to include numerous practice opportunities, spaced and optimised individually throughout the learning process.

We are always happy to talk about children's learning journey, so why not drop us a line using our contact form if you have a question or query.

Our strengths and dedications are channelled to providing high standards of support, not only for the students to achieve desired results in public examinations, but also to equip them with both essential subject-specific and generic skills that put them on the right footings for life's journey ahead and beyond!